Sep 07,2021

The Line Watchers

The Line Watchers is a story about Hong Kong’s customs officers including Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau Senior Superintendent, Hoi Fung (Benjamin Yuen), Trade Controls Bureau Chief Trade Controls Officer, Kwan Pui-yan (Mandy Wong) and Customs Drug Investigation Bureau Superintendent, Wan Tsz-ki (Venus Wong) who leads a contingent of elite customs officers and fresh-faced rookies, including Probationary Inspector Chan Ka-hing (Carlos Chan). 

From eggs to atomic bombs, powdered milk to drugs, they are on standby on land, air and ocean as they have to get through the new “Smart Customs” programme. In the midst of their personal adversaries, they are able to overcome difficulties and uphold the motto of “Commitment and Excellence,” contributing to the stability, prosperity and becoming gatekeepers of Hong Kong.

Potential TV reach: 1.1 million

(Source : Kantar Media DTAM, Chinese 4+ Universe: 2.4 Mil, Feb-Mar 2021)

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Channel: TVB Jade l CH.310 (HD) & Astro AOD l CH. 311 (HD) 

Date: 13 September – 16 October, 2021 l Every Monday – Friday

Time: 9:30pm - 10:30pm, Last 2 episodes on Saturday 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Total Episodes: 27

Pricing Category: x8 (TVB Jade) & x13 (Astro AOD)  


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