Jun 10,2021

Pencarian Nona Superwoman

A new kind of reality show bringing 9 young female entrepreneurs from various roles such as strategic planning, marketing, negotiation, public relations, technology, social media and more. Each week, the contestants will be assigned to different tasks based on clients' briefs, all designed to test different levels of skills. The entrepreneur with the best results week on week will be announced as the champion!

Don't miss this opportunity to inspire Malaysian women to become a SUPERWOMAN. 

Potential Reach: 2.4 Mil viewers

(Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Malay 4+ Universe:9.9 Mil, Period: July - Aug 2020 (8epi) 9;00pm -9;30pm)

Branding opportunities


  • In-show opening and closing credits (in-show & capsule)
  • In-show TVC Spots
  • In-show breaker in & out
  • In-show brand integration & product placements
  • In-show host mentions
  • In-show lower third banner
  • In-show end credits
  • Branded promo


  • Promo posters & video
  • Short editorial video
  • Branded advertorial
  • Customized microsite


  • Cover buy on magazine
  • Behind the scene cover photoshoot
  • Branded advertorial


  • Audition Event Branded Advertorial
  • Social Media Promo on FB Timeline Cover
  • Social Media Promo on IG Highlight
  • Audition Event Countdown
  • Audition Event Promo Posts
  • Live Event Update Photo Album
  • Event Highlight Videos

Channel: Astro Prima l CH.105 (HD)  

Date: 22 September – 10 November l Every Wednesday

Time: 9:00pm – 9:30pm, Finale 9:00pm - 10:00pm

Total Episodes: 8

Pricing Category: x7

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