May 07,2021

Rumah No.107 Season 2

A new kind of talkshow with a "family" of comedic twist, serving the audiences hilarious content in a leisure homely setting. Starring Khir Rahman, Joey Daud, Vicha, Ropie, and Man as the comedic family who will invite celebrity guests to their house to talk about various topics & catch up with activities like cooking, games, pillow talk, live music band - all under one roof.  

Branding opportunities


On Main Show

  • In-show opening and closing credits
  • In-show TVC Spots
  • In-show breaker in & out
  • In-show brand integration & product placements
  • In-show host mentions
  • In-show lower third banner
  • In-show end credits
  • Branded promo

On 5-Minutes Capsules (Twice Per Week)

  • Branding opportunities in 5 mins capsules
  • In-capsule opening and closing credits
  • TVC spots after capsules
  • In-show brand integration & product placements
  • In-capsule lower third banner
  • In-capsule end credits


  • Gempak Watch Package

Channel: Astro Warna l CH.107 (HD)  

Date: 4 June – 16 July, 2021 l Every Friday

Time: 9.00pm – 10.30pm

Total Episodes: 7 (+4 Backup Episodes)

Pricing Category: x8 

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