May 07,2021

Final Destiny

Edwin Siu will play Li Xiuyuan (李修緣), which is Ji Gong's identity in the mortal world. He was originally a tutelary deity of the world. Because of some cases, he goes down into the mortal world to investigate. Later, he accidentally loses all of his memories and becomes a mortal. He goes to a village and meets a group of villagers. He is rather lively and bright. He still retains a bit of his magic powers. He and Roxanne Tong have a romantic storyline in which they complement each other; they are a bickering pair. 

Potential reach: 1.1 million viewers

Branding opportunities


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Channel: TVB Jade l CH.310 (HD) & Astro AOD l CH. 311 (HD) 

Date: 24 May – 18 June, 2021 l Every Monday – Friday

Time: 9.30pm – 10.30pm

Total Episodes: 20

Pricing Category: x8 (TVB Jade) & x13 (Astro AOD)


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