Jan 26,2021

Tijarah - Bismillah Ad Duha

Tijarah Bismillah Ad Duha is a talk show programme where viewers will have an in-depth look at the viral topics in the country. Alongside a panel of guests with an Islamic perspective, the topics range from social, community, lifestyle, food and more

Also, for the first time ever brands can showcase products and services inside the programme, on ZAYAN radio and chosen digital platforms to influence Malay consumers, for as low as RM9k only. 

Branding opportunities


  • 1 spot x 3-5 mins Sponsor’s Clip
  • 1 spot x 10 sec host mention in sponsor’s segment
  • 1 spot x 10 sec lower third banner


  • 20 x recorded promo
  • 5 x live liners
  • 1 x teaser talk set on Friday @ Breakfast by Anas /with the Guest
  • 1 x recap talk set on Monday @ Breakfast by Anas /with the Guest
  • 2 x capsules on weekend


  • 1 Facebook post on Zayan 

Channel: Astro Oasis l CH.106 (HD) & CH.126 (SD) 

Date: 6 March - 29 May 2021 l Every Saturday

Time: 10.00am - 11.00am

Total Episode: 13

Pricing Category: x3.5


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