Mar 29,2021

New Cost-Effective Tech Tool for Your Marketing Events

Check out the latest tech tool that can pandemic-proof your events beyond geographical boundaries and redefine engagement with your customers!

Powered by UNREAL ENGINE, we have now launched our ARVENA virtual set for you to up your brand engagement and activate meaningful customers' participation through customisable interactive touch points. 

We can create a spectacle of a multicamera production with just ONE single camera, all by using the UNREAL ENGINE technology. It not only gives you a great visual experience but also reduces the number of manpower by 70%, lowering the risk of having too many people on the set and makes it much more cost competitive.  

There’s a multitude of immersive ways to produce realistic experiences in a virtual world – be it if you want to build a giant stage or a larger than life model, it’s all up to your imagination. We can even have the brand products manifest itself in the studio in a 3D format. 

The technology is also flexible in allowing us to input other streaming platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams as well as gaming platforms like Kahoot and Crowdpurr. 

We can create virtual conferences, launches, event showcase, live streaming selling and gameshows like Hada Labo 10th Anniversary Event with multiple players from anywhere in the world.

Check out our QuakeCast to watch how else your brand can tap onto this virtual world.  

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